Scale to seven the number of deaths in protests (PHOTOS)

Scale to seven the number of deaths in protests (PHOTOS)

Last Monday, December 12, the number of people killed in protests in different parts of the country, demanding the call for new presidential elections and for the closure of Congress, rose to seven.

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Unfortunately, from the Ombudsman’s Office, they confirmed that only this Monday five more people died, who added to the two the day before, they complete the seven mortal victims that leave the scuffles with the Police.

The first fatality of the demonstrations on Monday was identified as Robert Pablo Medina Yanquerhuay (16), who was transferred to the Chincheros Hospital due to the alleged impact of two firearm projectiles, the minor did not resist.

Later in Arequipa, the person identified as Miguel Arcana (38) lost his life in the vicinity of Ciudad Municipalwhere the demonstrators clashed with the Police and burned vehicles on public roads.

Scale to seven the number of deaths in protests (PHOTOS)

Later the authorities reported the death of Jhonatan Lloclla Loayza (26) in the town of Chincheros, the presumptive diagnosis of his injuries was PAF (firearm projectile).

Already in the afternoon in the town of Andahuaylas he lost his life Wilfredo Lizarme Barboza (18), at almost the same time and in the same locality he died Jonathan Enciso Arias Choquepuquio (18).

On the eve the minor lost their lives David Atequipa Quispe (15) in Andahuaylas and Beckam Romario Quispe Garfias (18) in the Huancabamba sector.

Scale to seven the number of deaths in protests (PHOTOS)

Initially, the Apurímac Health Department reported a third victim on Sunday, but it was later rectified, noting that it is quite serious and with a reserved prognosis.

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The Authorities have reported at least 200 people injured in different parts of the countryas well as 30 police officers in reserved status, two of whom are in intensive care.


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