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SC: Jorginho Mello says he will have a relationship of respect at the federal level

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Elected governor of Santa Catarina with 70.6% of the valid votes, Jorginho Mello (PL) said he will seek to establish a respectful relationship with the future government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who will assume the presidency of the Republic on next January.

“Santa Catarina has always needed and will always need the federal government. Let’s be smart, responsible, to take care of Santa Catarina and so that the state doesn’t lose anything, because it can’t lose. We deserve it. So, it will be a respectful relationship”, Mello told journalists from Santa Catarina, shortly after the Electoral Justice announced his victory, on Sunday night (30).

“We have to wait for things to calm down a bit. It’s going to be two, three days of a very hostile environment. Afterwards, I will gather our team, our people, to make a relationship [com o governo federal]”, added Mello, who, after obtaining just over 2.98 million votes, defeated fellow PT member Décio Lima, who reached 29.3% of the valid votes.

Today (31), in a video he published on his social networks to thank his voters, the future governor even mentioned that his victory was not complete, as he was rooting for the reelection of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

“A feather. I wanted the president [Jair] Bolsonaro was also reelected,” he lamented. Yesterday, already aware of Bolsonaro’s defeat, Mello even told journalists that his good relationship with the current president could have helped in the future conduct of topics of interest to Santa Catarina. “Now, we have to reassess, to reflect, in a serene and responsible way [sobre a conjuntura]. And that’s what we’re going to do.”

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