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“Save my daughters”, the desperate request of a mother before dying in an accident in Jauja

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"Save my daughters", the desperate request of a mother before dying in an accident in Jauja

“Save my daughters, don’t worry about me,” were her last words before dying after suffering a terrible traffic accident with her daughters when she was traveling to Huancayo to celebrate Christmas with her family.

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It happened at dawn yesterday at km. 52,100 of the Central Highway, at the height of the Yanachacra area in the district of El Rosario Curicaca. The C8L 335 license plate car that left Lima for Huancayo with six people on board lost its way and collided head-on with a fortified stone wall built to surround the crushing plant.

The violent impact caused the death of the businesswoman from Huanca, Susy Elizabeth Silva De la Cruz (44), who practically gave up her life to save that of her 4 daughters Xiomara Huaroc Silva (20), James (16), Ever (10) and Camila (07), who were rescued by some carriers and transferred to the Ramiro Prialé hospital in Huancayo.

The police officers of the Pachacayo Police Station, under the command of Lt. Martín Machacuay Tello, and Deviandes personnel, who proceeded to the rescue of the driver Redy Hinostroza Vilchez (25), who ended up with serious injuries, being transferred as an emergency to the Domingo Olavegoya de Jauja hospital, where unfortunately he ceased to exist almost an hour later.

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The husband, parents, and some close relatives stated that Susy Silva and her daughters had arrived at the Lima airport after spending a few weeks in Mexico to visit some relatives. Her wish was to travel immediately to Chilca in Huancayo to celebrate Christmas.

The driver’s brother also arrived at the scene of the accident, who in the midst of dramatic scenes of pain recounted that Redy was dedicated to transportation on the Lima-Huancayo route, and that he had decided to work a few extra hours before being able to spend Christmas with his two minor children who are now orphans. The investigations are in charge of the policemen of the UPIAT Huancayo and the Public Ministry of Jauja.

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