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Saul Ortega describes President Erdogan’s next visit to Venezuela as “good news”

Saul Ortega describes President Erdogan's next visit to Venezuela as "good news"

Ortega believes that Venezuela is working to promote its international relations with other countries than the traditional ones and affirmed that Latin America “is no longer the backyard” of the United States.

The deputy of the National Assembly elected in December 2020 Saúl Ortega considered this Wednesday, July 13, the announcement made by Nicolás Maduro in recent days about the upcoming visit of his counterpart from Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as “good news”, since In his opinion, he speaks of Ankara’s reciprocity to the tour made by the president that took him to six countries in Eurasia and Africa.

Ortega believes that the other countries of the world are betting on focusing on different points of power and not letting a few stand out, but rather setting up a more equitable, fair and democratic board. That is why you see, in addition to nations like China and Russia, territories like Iran, India and Turkey that are “strengthening” their presence on the international stage.

In his opinion, Venezuela “is active with its peace policy” and working in the international arena to establish new cooperation ties with non-traditional countries that allow solidarity and “economic complementarity.”

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For parliamentarian Saúl Ortega, “Latin America ceased to be the backyard of the United States and the policy of the ‘Lima cartel’ was definitely defeated”, a fact that is evidenced in his opinion with the tour that Erdogan will make where he will not only visit Venezuela but Mexico and Argentina.

In an interview given to VTVthe legislator believes that the arrival of Gustavo Petro to power in Colombia is “a momentous event” because, he said, it is a change to the traditional trend of candidates in the neighboring country and in order to promote a “better country” he suggested several stuff.

One of them would be to disassociate from the Lima Group and NATO, a fact that according to Ortega goes against what was established at the 2014 CELAC summit where it was said that Latin America is a territory of peace. He hopes that with his arrival there will be a new “cycle” to find peace and the integration of the countries in the region.

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