São Paulo subway stations register students for internship vacancies

São Paulo subway stations register students for internship vacancies

The Empresa Escola Integration Center (CIEE) is offering information and registration to students aged 16 and over in internship positions and in the Jovem Talento CIEE program at several subway and train stations in São Paulo. Calls go until July 1, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 10 am to 4 pm, on different lines, depending on the day of the week. The lines are 4-Yellow, 5-Lilac, 8-Diamond and 9-Emerald.São Paulo subway stations register students for internship vacancies

“CIEE is always looking for different ways to bring opportunities to young people and actions like this – in different regions of the city of São Paulo – are very important. Our team is asking questions about how to register on site from CIEEhow to look for internships and apprenticeships and also how to take advantage of the best resources of our Portal”, said Luiz Douglas de Souza, Regional Service Manager at CIEE.

The schedule of services at the São Paulo subway stations is as follows:

Line 4-Yellow: today (11) at Estação Paulista; the 18th, in Luz; 25th in Butantã; June 1st, in São Paulo-Morumbi; the 8th, in Luz; on the 15th, at Butantã, on the 22nd, at São Paulo-Morumbi and on the 29th, at Estação Luz.

Line 5-Lilac: tomorrow (12), at Giovanni Gronchi Station; the 19th, at Capão Redondo; on the 26th, at Largo Treze; donates June 2, in Brooklyn; the 9th, at Giovanni Gronchi; on the 16th, at Capão Redondo, on the 23rd, at Largo Treze; the 30th in Brooklyn.

Lines 8-Diamond and 9-Emerald: Friday (13), at Estação Osasco; the 20th, at Cidade Universitária; 27th, in Grajaú; June 3, at Comandante Sampaio; 10th, at Osasco; the 17th, at Cidade Universitária; 24th, in Grajaú; and on the 1st of July, at the Interlagos Station.

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