Santiago surgeons demand that the ARS expand coverage

Santiago surgeons demand that the ARS expand coverage

The North branch of the Dominican College of Surgeons demanded this Monday that the Health Risk Administrators (ARS) expand health service coverage.

Dr. Ouel Sosa, president of the union, complained during a press conference that the ARS they do not cover some surgical procedures.

Among them, the doctor cited medical coverage in cases of laparoscopic appendectomies.

He said that surgeons feel betrayed by ARSbecause they are denying members the right to believe in the diagnosis given by the specialist, when sometimes they make the patient believe that the doctor only seeks profit or that his primary interest is money.

The health specialist denounced that they are being exploited and at the same time harm the affiliates.

Gilberto Tejada, president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD) in Santiagodescribed as illogical and inhumane that the ARS they cover the amputation of limbs and not the procedures that serve to save them.

“How is it possible that they cover you to have a limb amputated and not to save it,” Tejada questioned.

In the same way, he said that it happens with the procedures to save a kidney.

“There are many people here who lose a kidney because the Health Risk Administrators do not cover it, but they do cover having it removed,” he said.

They warned that if they do not receive a response to the request they will be forced to suspend services.

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