Santiago Peña: "We have no reason to withdraw from our candidacies"

Santiago Peña defends himself from the eastern escrache

After being yelled at and booed in the middle of the Ciudad del Este shopping center, Santiago Peña sought to defend himself on his social networks, alleging that as Minister of Finance he was the one who visited the area the most and dealt with his situation at that time.

“This government has abandoned the Paraguayan economy to its fate. There is no leadership, there is no decision and that is suffered by the people, ”the Honor Colorado candidate mentioned on his Twitter.
Despite these publications, there was no lack of criticism and several citizens continued to support Esteños who even started discussions with supporters of Peña’s campaign.

The group of citizens was quite strong even with the candidate’s entourage, but according to witnesses, the head of protocol of the Municipality of Hernandarias, Luis Miguel Brítez Mareco, was one of those in charge of defending Peña trying to expel them from the place without success. . In addition, an employee of Tabesa, Paulo Miranda Ibarra, also demanded that the demonstrators withdraw.

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