Santiago González asked Heber to pay for the care he received at the Police

The former director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, santiago gonzalezsent a letter to the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, expressing his Willingness to pay for the care you “wrongly” received at the Police Hospital and that led him to present his resignation on May 11.

According to the letter published by MVD Noticias and to which The Observerthis Tuesday the ex-hierarch sent the note addressed to the minister.

“Understanding that the regulations establish that the services of the National Directorate of Police Health are for the exclusive use of the police family and having erroneously used them, as stated in the Report of the Technical Directorate of the Police Hospital dated March 15, 2023, I consider that it is of order to take charge of the monetary cost for the attention receivedreason for which I ask you or whoever you understand to be competent in the matter, issue a receipt to make the corresponding payment”, reads the letter signed by González.

Finally, the former director of Coexistence thanked the “members of the police force” and expressed “pride” for having been part of the government for three years.

Also in the letter he extended the apologies that he had made public days ago. “To all those who in one way or another have been affected by this situation,” says the letter regarding the apology.

This Wednesday the Ministry of the Interior appointed Matías Terra, a young 28-year-old Marketing analyst who worked at the Secretary of State as an adviser, as the new director of Citizen Security and Coexistence.

Asked about the issue, Minister Heber said at a press conference that he expected Terra to have “less media exposure” and “with more direct contact with people in the neighborhoods”.

González was forced to resign after a controversy broke out over the care he received at the Police Hospital, which he first denied and then had to publicly acknowledge.

Finally, according to information released by Santo y Seña, it was learned that the then chief five times with doctors in specialized polyclinics of the Police Hospital, who visited the emergency room on two occasions and used the pharmacy service on another six occasions. Most of these services were used between 2020 and 2021.

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