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May 1, 2023
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Santi keeps his promise to Mina Feliciangeli

Santi keeps his promise to Mina Feliciangeli

Fulfilling his promise to go to the program Mina Feliciangeli if he won the elections, the president-elect santiago pena surprised tonight by appearing live on the Latele channel, in the company of his vice Pedro Alliana.

On the occasion, Peña said that he will look to the future and that now he will have to start working. “We are overwhelmed for the day that was today, there are 15 red governorates of the 17we did not get Central and Itapúa, but the others did”, he added.

“From August 15 we are going to assume a great responsibility, respecting the majority but also the minority. I end this chapter with a word of gratitude, without hatred or rancor. It was a cruel electoral campaign, but we see that people are having a bad time, we must unite,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Santi Peña indicated that Paraguay must restore relations with Venezuelain support of the Venezuelan people and the defense of human rights.

For his part, he Vice President Elect, Pedro Allianaalso thanked the voters and redoubled the commitment to bet on those citizens who need it most in our country.

“This was a clear message that The interference of another country will not be accepted, we live in a free and sovereign country, with defense of life, family and private property.a”, he also remarked.

It’s news today: Santi Peña, president-elect: “I call for unity and consensus”

The entrance Santi keeps his promise to Mina Feliciangeli was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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