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December 6, 2022
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Santa Cruz registers 96% of total cases of coqueluche in the country and there are 113 cases per day of covid-19

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December 6, 2022, 18:55 PM

December 6, 2022, 18:55 PM

In his epidemiological report about whooping cough or whooping coughthe Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) concluded epidemiological week No. 48 with a doubling in relation to the previous week in the appearance of new cases. Santa Cruz concentrates 96% of all positive cases in the country, and the pattern of infection of these cases has not followed the usual behaviornot only children have been infected, but also adults.

There are 94 cases reported until yesterday (Monday, December 5), distributed in 10 municipalities: Cabezas, one case; Comarapa, 17 cases; El Torno, with nine; The Guard, five; Montero, eight cases; San Javier, 13 cases, Santa Rosa del Sara, with two cases; Charagua, a case; Cotoca, a case; and Santa Cruz, with 37 positive cases distributed throughout the urban health network.

The Headquarters report informed that of all these positive cases, there are seven hospitalized patients who are under five years of age. Of which two are admitted to the Children’s Hospital and are in intensive care rooms; one of them is eight months old, the other six, and they have only received two doses within the vaccination scheme for this disease (five doses). With this, it was alerted that the two cases of the Children’s Hospital do not have the complete vaccination schedule in relation to their age.

On the other hand, in the National Health Fund there are two positive patients, in intensive care rooms, one nine months old who has the complete scheme and another one month old who does not correspond to the age allowed to start the scheme of vaccination that is six weeks or month and a half after birth. A six-month-old patient in intermediate care was also registered in this center with a favorable evolution, but who received only two doses; and another patient on the floor with a complete scheme and favorable vaccination.

The Headquarters called on the population to take the children to continue or start their vaccination scheme against whooping cough, the first dose can be received at six weeks or a month and a half of age. And keep distancing and use of chins. He also sent a message to the adult population maintain biosecurity measuresand not be vectors of this bacterium and infect children who do not have a complete vaccination schedule.

With the conclusion of epidemiological week No. 48​ of covid 19, there was an ascending curve of positive cases with an average of 113 cases per day, five times more than previous weeksand it was also warned that with the appearance of these new cases, a possible sixth wave is entering.

The positivity rate is 20%, In other words, out of every 100 people who take a test for Covid-19, 20 test positive.. On Monday, 378 positive cases of covid-19 were reported in the department of Santa Cruz distributed in 10 municipalities and they assured that A figure like this has not been seen for more than four weeks.

It was also warned that as a consequence of the decrease in the influx of the population to conclude the vaccination scheme, this increase is seen in the number of positive cases. 76% of the population has a dose65% two doses, 21% with third dose, when the complete scheme is four doses. Which have to be applied as follows: the third dose at four months after of having applied the second, and the fourth four months after having applied the third.

Regarding a possible fifth dose, the Headquarters spoke about a booster vaccine that, after the four doses, must be applied every year.

To see the list of health centers that have the vaccine, click here.

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