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Santa Cruz provinces experienced a 1st day of Carnival between traditional celebrations and no festivities

Santa Cruz provinces experienced a 1st day of Carnival between traditional celebrations and no festivities

February 19, 2023, 22:08 PM

February 19, 2023, 22:08 PM

The first day of Carnival 2023 in the department of Santa Cruz had different nuances. Some provinces complied with their announcements to suspend the carnival festivities due to the social and political conflicts in the department; others, instead, complied with their traditional festivities.

In Ascension de Guarayos, for example, the Association of Comparsas Carnavaleras complied with its decision to suspend its activities. Thus, on the first day of festivities, the atmosphere in the capital of the province was almost without festivities.

This is what the center of Ascension looked like this Sunday/Photo: Desther Ágreda

“He was literally silent, the undulating, stony streets were completely empty. Around there a weak music, with a small number of dancers. Added to this is the Municipal Law that strictly prohibits the sale and sale of alcoholic beverages in public places,” said journalist Dhester Ágreda.

He also pointed out that the parade on Sunday night was limited to the parade, in the main square, of half a dozen comparsas, without floats, and then moved to the restaurant November 18, where the queen of Carnival was crowned.

Meanwhile in San Jose de Chiquitos, This Sunday, the opening of the Chiquitano Native Missionary Carnival. The parish priest delivered the jubilee flags to the members of the indigenous Cabildo, which gives them permission for the people to have fun with these symbols without damaging them, an act that took place in the morning, as recorded by Radio Cacique, from that population .

In the afternoon, the local comparsas and that of Josesanos residents in other cities – inside and outside the country – toured the streets of the city to the rhythm of drums and bands.

On the other hand, in San Matías, despite the murder of a person, on Saturday night close to the festivities of the carnival parade of that population, children and young people played with water in the neighborhoods of the city. what was noticeable was the decreased participation of adults.

“The Pantanal and Los Yescas comparsas, traditional from San Matías, celebrated at their headquarters, while the other comparsas preferred not to share,” explained journalist Juan Pablo Cahuana.

In the north of Santa Cruz the Yapacaní Corso de Corsos stood out, which began this Sunday afternoon with six tarqueadas and three children’s troupes, which made their presentation in the main square.

Privateering parade in Yapacaní/Photo: Soledad Prado

Once the participation of the tarqueadas was over, it was the turn of the comparsas with themes from eastern Bolivia, said the journalist Soledad Prado.

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