Santa Ana is lowered from her altar and the dictatorship prohibits niquinohomeños from removing her from the temple

To the rhythm of philharmonics and with the applause of the parishioners, the revered image of Santa Ana, in the municipality of Niquinohomo, in Masaya, was lowered from its throne this past July 8 to begin its patron saint festivities. The traditional procession would have been canceled due to the refusal of the Sandinista regime, as has happened in several parishes in the country.

Father Juan José Ortíz, parish priest of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús church, in Ticuantepe, presided over the solemn Eucharist of the descent of the ancient image of “abuelita Santa Ana” in his 300-year-old temple, in Niquinohomo, in the company of of the parish priest of this municipality, Miguel de Jesús Toruño.

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“Let us start this party with joy, even in adversity and in the difficult times that we are living in the world today, let us never lose joy. Make life what you sing; Niquinohomo, Santa Ana acclaims you, because you are her great protection, by your name the burning flame is fanned, “proclaimed the priest of Ticuantepe prior to the descent of the revered image.

under police siege

Santa Ana descended to the unison of her hymn to the atrium of the church where folkloric and philharmonic groups venerate her with dances and songs at the beginning of their festivities. Up to this point, the parishioners and devout Catholics managed to accompany the revered image, while the regime’s police besieged the perimeter of the temple, according to religious sources.

Father Toruño said that this year, the image did not go down -as is the tradition- last Friday because they could not find a butler for that day. “You know that in these golden times, we have to accommodate ourselves in the best way to be able to simplify, but that does not mean to stop celebrating granny Santa Ana solemnly and with love,” he said.

Santa Ana is lowered from her altar and the dictatorship prohibits niquinohomeños from removing her from the temple
Santa Ana is lowered from her altar and the dictatorship prohibits niquinohomeños from removing her from the temple

In the graph, the plenary session of the ecclesial authorities of the parish of Santa Ana, in Niquinohomo, in the atrium of the church, the place where Santa Ana will have its procession because it is confined to that route by police authorities that do not authorize processions.

For his part, the priest exiled in the United States, Father Edwing Román, former parish priest of the San Miguel Arcángel church, in Masaya, who is also originally from Niquinohomo, revealed that this year the descent of Santa Ana was marked by the police siege and presumed civilian groups sent by the Sandinista regime to infiltrate inside the temple.

On his social networks, the religious leader and opponent of the dictatorship confirmed that processions have been prohibited in Niquinohomo, as in other cities in the country. The repressive measure of Ortega and Murillo extends amid attacks and illegal accusations against the Catholic Church and its authorities, who were ordered to freeze all bank accounts under alleged investigation for money laundering.

Evangelicals make their campaigns

According to the program published by the Santa Ana parish, in this city, during its patron saint festivities it has been prioritized that all activities take place inside the temple, and on the days of popular celebrations in honor of the saint, traditional processions will not be held , only the image will be exposed in the atrium of the church for the veneration of the faithful.

The ban on the Niquinohomo Catholic Church occurs in a context in which evangelical churches begin to ingratiate themselves with the dictatorship to obtain endorsements and approval for their activities. Last weekend, the Sandinista mayor’s office authorized the Good News Evangelist Day to be held in this city.

The religious event attended by thousands of evangelicals was without siege, or political and police harassment. He was accompanied by the international voices of Redimi2 and Marcela Gándara. It should be noted that dozens of buses brought by the Sandinista regime from Russia were used to transport the people who attended the night vigils.

By: United Voices.

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