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Sanofi manufactures Covid vaccine in Mexico

Sanofi manufactures Covid vaccine in Mexico

Sanofi, this pharmaceutical company best known for its drugs such as: Enterogermina, Sinuberase, Histiacil, ADerogyl, Pharmaton and Buscapina, bets on Mexico. And it promotes its investments to manufacture the vaccine against Covid in the national territory. The expectation is that it will be ready this year.

The international pharmaceutical company plans investments of 350 million pesos in Mexico, one part for the development of vaccines and the other for clinical studies to develop medicines and treatments that allow treating chronic degenerative diseases, and even treatments that allow patients not to reach be hospitalized

The firm that it holds in national territory will continue to expand its three industrial plants and employs more than 1,500 people, and impacts more than 600 million people per year through its medicines, seeks to continue being the strategic ally for the government, without no matter what political party it is, as well as for the entire health ecosystem of the country.

The firm is committed to the development of medicines to develop medicines that address oncology, immunology, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and rare diseases.

And it is that, for Sanofi, it is important to be present in the treatment of the main causes of death in Mexico: heart disease and diabetes caused 105,864 and 59,996 deaths, respectively, during the period January-June 2022 .

While diabetes and hypertension are two of the most serious health problems in Mexico, jointly affecting almost 25 million patients in the country, in addition, 40% of people with hypertension also have diabetes and vice versa.

Proof of this is that one in two patients who suffer an acute myocardial infarction receive a Sanofi treatment and two out of 10 patients diagnosed with hypertension receive a Sanofi treatment.

Sanofi recently has in its portfolio an oral therapy to prevent and treat thrombosis, it is not for less if we consider that 1 in 4 people in the world die from it and it would increase the chances of developing it after suffering from Covid-19.

SAVINGS PHARMACY IN LITIGATION… What strategies of the pharmaceutical Farmacias del Ahorro. It turns out that Maximiliano Asturias, who has been renting a property located in Los Portales, in the state of Toluca, for 20 years, preferred the path of litigation to continue paying as he had been doing, for 10 years, to his landlord Luz del Carmen López Reyna.

Mr. Asturias’ justification is that since the woman’s husband died two years ago, it was better to put the money in a testamentary process, despite the fact that the lease is in the name of Mrs. López Reyna -for 10 years- .

The issue is in the courts, and for two years, Mrs. López Reyna, over 70 years old, has not been able to make use of her resources, since the legal processes continue.

The first instance has already come to light and in favor of Mrs. Luz Del Carmen.

Family Court 9, of the Judicial District of Toluca, Collegiate Courts in civil matters, have already ordered that the lady can make use of her resources, however, apparently the owner of Farmacias del Ahorro will continue with appeals.

Here the case is that this issue should not even be in court, since the income from this property that is considered pro-local does not belong to the hereditary table of succession. Could it be that the interests of Maximiliano Asturias of Farmacias del Ahorro have some other interest? And where are the authorities of Toluca, under the government of Raymundo Martínez Carbajal.

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