Sandra Milena fue victima mortal de la rabia de su padre

Sandra Milena was the fatal victim of her father’s rage

In the midst of a heated argument with her father, Sandra Milena Idárraga Pérez ended up fatally stabbed by her father.

The case shakes the community of La Esperanza, in Norte de Santander, Colombia. According to what they told local media several close to the authorities, the discussions between father and daughter were constant and increasingly aggressive. Not only in volume and insults, but also in blows, since it was not the first time that the father had tried to attack the woman.

There will be no more of that. According to the authorities’ preliminary report, the aggressor father, identified as Belisario Idarraga, had a heated discussion with Sandra Milena on the afternoon of a holiday Monday, which ended after she left the scene of the confrontation.

But the distance did not stop Idárraga’s intentions. As soon as he had the chance, he went looking for Sandra Milena. But this time she didn’t carry insults on her mind, instead he put a kitchen knife in her pocket.

Idárraga caught up with Sandra Milena talking to a young man in the middle of a public thoroughfare, drew the sharp object and once plunged it into her own daughter’s chest.

the fate of sandra milena

While her father fled the scene of the events, Sandra Milena was urgently mobilized to the municipality of San Alberto.

There she was admitted to the Lázaro Alfonso Hernández Hospital, where her death was decreed due to the profuse loss of her blood fluids.

“The community of the municipality of San Alberto, Cesar, still has not explained how this event happened and accompanies the victim’s relatives. One well known in the region for her kindness and always willing to serve others, ”said a close friend of the deceased young woman on a social network.

It was learned from the man that hours after the events the authorities captured Idárraga. He will now face preliminary hearings after the respective prosecution to be carried out by the Attorney General’s Office.

The authorities analyze the facts in detail to establish the punishable conduct that will be imputed to Idárraga in his capacity as a homicidal parent of his own caste.

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