Sandinista women from Matagalpa did not like the attack on the María Cavalleri Foundation

Not even the militants of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) themselves welcome the way in which the regime they have defended took over the assets of the María Cavalleri Foundation in Matagalpa. “It was not necessary, those women served the community, whether they were a Sandinista or not,” said one of them.

What was not funny to them either is that the dictatorship has named it “The Women of Cuá.” «Those who know history know that these women were humble, honest, that some died like this because they never asked for anything. They were Sandinistas from the heart, from principles,” said another militant, who demands that her identity be protected to avoid “purges and jail” from her own party.

“The compañeros are wrong there,” highlighted the Sandinista militants, who explained that the Molino Norte community members, who were the first to benefit from the work of the NGO, are dissatisfied with the robbery.

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«It is making people the enemy for fun, they lacked tact, I thought they were going to call the women from the foundation and negotiate. Be understood. Not that they are assaulted », criticized a woman who was born into a Sandinista family and has not known in 37 years any other way of thinking about her house than that linked to the red and black project.

Fundación María Cavalleri:
Fundación María Cavalleri: “It is incomprehensible that a place that brings well-being to people should be closed.” Photo: FMC

The María Cavalleri Foundation had been operating in Matagalpa for a little over 20 years, at kilometer 135 of the Matagalpa-Jinotega highway. The collective that administered it said that they operated on a 30-hectare farm that is now in the hands of the dictatorship.

What the community feels it loses

Nothing will ever be the same for the communities. The foundation had set up for them a training center for leadership and the promotion of community health; the Collective of Weaving Women worked, the mill for dry and wet grains and the open library for primary and preschool children.

To this, we must add the vegetable gardens and poultry farms, and other domestic animals such as rabbits and pelibuey for their own subsistence.

Through a statement, the foundation’s directives denounced the new abusive and illegal act of the regime two weeks ago. Last Saturday, May 20, the property was raided by police and armed civilians.

Sandinista women from Matagalpa did not like the attack on the María Cavalleri Foundation
The María Cavalleri Foundation worked for 25 years with young women, peasants and midwives for the benefit of other women in vulnerable conditions. Photo: Courtesy / Article 66

“Today they appropriate a legal property that benefits all people and the environment, it is a violation of our body, territory, our rights to be and exist in a coherent and harmonious way,” reacted the leaders of the foundation.

“It is a violation of the contribution to build collectively for the benefit of all people and of this territory-country,” they protested in the letter, recalling that June 1, 2022, a year ago, the National Assembly of Nicaragua canceled their legal status. , under false arguments.

“tremendous injustice”

Since the cancellation of its legal personality, the space was closed to the community, preventing any activity with children, women or the general population.

Different social movements showed their solidarity with the expropriated foundation, as did organizations, also confiscated, such as Radio Vos and the Matagalpa Women’s Collective, describing the fact as a “new violation of the rights of Matagalpa citizens.”

For their part, women’s human rights activists branded the expropriation as “tremendous injustice.” “It is a space that transmits life, love, care, collaboration, art, creativity that has given and received so much, it is an intolerable robbery,” criticized one of them.

The directives affirmed that this violation of their rights “will not be forever.” “We hope that before they destroy it, the dictatorship falls and Nicaragua returns to live in freedom. Hugs, companions”, they said goodbye.

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