Sandinista militants continue to abandon the Ortega regime to go to the United States

Sandinista militants continue to abandon the Ortega regime to go to the United States

Militants and supporters of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), the party of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, continue to abandon the regime to go to the United States, taking advantage of the humanitarian parole program.

The sports writer, former politician and exile in the US, Miguel Mendoza, denounced through his personal Twitter account the arrival on US soil of the Ortega militant Flor Vallejos Ávila, originally from San Juan de Limay, in the department of Estelí .

“We welcome the tadpole compañera Flor Vallejos Ávila, from San Juan de Limay, into the empire,” says the complaint from the former politician.

Mendoza warns, in an ironic tone, that “the compa (Flor Vallejos) stood out in her town as a turbita and oreja (informant) against the Azul y Blanco”, according to the statements of residents who know her.

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The exiled journalist exposes, on his Twitter account, images in which the Sandinista Vallejos Ávila is seen dressed in T-shirts alluding to Sandinismo.

Likewise, it spreads a message from the Ortega supporter in which she is grateful to be in the country that her leader calls “the empire.”

“More than grateful to God for being back in this country with my beloved brothers,” details a message supposedly shared by the woman in one of the photos of her arrival in the US.

The woman is also denounced by people who know her that, along with other residents, she was watching Monsignor Abelardo Mata when he arrived in San Juan de Limay.

«The bishop arrived on June 24 to celebrate his birthday with the patron saint of the town. And these rats would stand at the main entrance with those artifacts and see if their most excellent monsignor would arrive and take action against him,” says a text message sent to Mendoza.

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The arrival of the Ortega fanatics under the humanitarian parole process has been criticized by opponents in Nicaragua because many people, who are not politically persecuted and on the contrary support the dictatorship, are traveling to the United States without many obstacles.

Opponents have revealed cases of well-known Sandinistas who have traveled to the United States such as José Trejos, presenter and producer of Channel 8; Cristian Carrión, presenter for Channel 4, Milagros Calero, presenter for Channel 8, both outlets owned by the dictatorial family, as well as René Navarro, married to Claudia Avilés, sister of the head of the Nicaraguan Army, General Julio César Avilés.

Other highly publicized cases have been those of Police Deputy Commissioner María de Jesús Guzmán Gutiérrez and Gabriela Alejandra Rayo Castro, named as a witness in the case of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez.

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