San Juan de Dios on strike for 48 hours due to lack of materials and supplies for patient care

San Juan de Dios on strike for 48 hours due to lack of materials and supplies for patient care

During the next 48 hours, the San Juan de Dios Hospital will suspend its care in consultations and the operating room. Grassroots workers resort to this measure to demand that the Government comply with the agreements signed in previous mobilizations. They say that the hospital does not have the necessary conditions to care for patients.

Ulises Guzmán García, base delegate at the hospital, emphasizes that neither management nor administration have not complied with the demands raiseds last year. Even this year they held a hunger strike for 58 days that rose on March 24.

“PaCzech came to the hospital and we lifted the strike. They signed the petitions that we demand,” explains Guzmán while pointing to the Secretary of Health of the Governor’s Office, Fernando Pacheco. Among the demands, solicitous material to work in the hospital, since they do not have the supplies to perform their duties in rooms or offices.

As in every health stoppage, this Wednesday and Thursday only the emergency service will work.

Other demands that base workers claim through the strike They include the renovation of the infrastructure and the creation of new environments. “The current ones – he details – are saturated”.

radicalization of the measure as well responds to the “harassment we suffered from management for the complaints we make,” says Guzmán. The current manager, Édgar Méndez, “wants to run us over so that we don’t claim the bad conditions,” he says.

The working conditions are also included in the demands of the grassroots workers. Guzmán notes that the people who worked during the pandemic were not canceled every month they worked. In addition, they They threaten to arrange discounts. With these sanctions they want to “hide the administrative failures that they incurred,” he points out.

Basic workers include all officials who provide services in the hospital. From nurses and health assistants to those who work in statistics, warehouse, collection or management.

As a spokesperson for this guild, Guzmán denounces that “commitments have not been met and Every day we are worse. I do not know anymore has what it takes to care for patients and they are the ones who suffer from this situation”.

In addition, he regrets the attitude shown by the Secretary of Health of the Government who points to the mobilization as a policy “but refuses to meet the needs.”

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