Samuel García asked Nafin to double credit guarantees for SMEs in Nuevo León

Samuel García asked Nafin to double credit guarantees for SMEs in Nuevo León

Monterey, NL. In three months, the total credits of the Impulso program for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) of New Lionwith guarantees from Nafin for an amount of 2,734 million pesos, however, this segment of companies that represents more than 94% requires support to grow, so Governor Samuel García Sepulveda asked the agency to double this figure.

“We had a meeting to convince the director of Nafin to double these 2,734 million, since they are loans with low rates,” said the president during the inauguration of SME Expo 2022 at Cintermex.

In context, on June 7, Jesús Zúñiga Cortés, representative for Nuevo León of National Financial (Nafin) He explained that the state government invested 100 million pesos for this program, which Nafin promoted 23.4 times more, that is, it granted, up to that moment, guarantees for 2,300 million pesos.

The federal official explained that Nuevo León has a high contribution to the credit demandwhich coincided with the economic reactivation of the state, this allowed the amount to increase 23.4 times, mainly due to the good management of financing by the companies.

Iván Rivas Rodríguez, Secretary of the Economy, said in said event that the Nuevo León Impulse Program benefited more than 1,100 SMEs in Nuevo León.

On the other hand, the Governor of Nuevo Leon stressed the importance of business meetings between leading companies and potential suppliers, because “even with the recession, the war in Ukraine, the lack of semiconductors, Covid-19, etc., the entrepreneurial spirit of Nuevo León is such that We haven’t stopped growing.”

Thanks to this, the entity occupies the first places in formal employment, first place in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)first position in exports and all this allows the arrival of a foreign company or another that is expanding to be announced every week.

“15 days ago we went to the Lego plant, a historic investment, a month ago we went to Quanta Computer, which are the brains, the Tesla computers, and they are here in Monterrey. Last week we went to Bosch, we are seeing the Hofusan Park where Asian companies with millions of euros and jobs are arriving, and today we are going to go to the expansion of Home Depot”, stressed the president.

He warned that these opportunities are useless if they are not inserted into the value chains that make up part of the state’s SMEs.

He asked to take advantage of the situation that opens with the USMCA with the relocation of companies, which has led transnationals to invest in Nuevo León and the only thing that the state government asks in return is that they integrate SMEs into their supply chains, that they hire engineers who graduate in the state.

They want SMEs to grow

For his part, the president of the Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León (Caintra), Rodrigo Fernández Martínez commented at the inauguration of Expo Pyme 2022, the first in two years in a face-to-face format, whose content is designed to solve the problems that afflict SMEs.

The program consists of more than 100 conferences and keynote and specialty panels, through the business meeting and with more than 100 exhibitors on the exhibition floor, they seek to make it a favorable place for the growth of these companies.

A fundamental axis of this Expo is the business appointments, Caintra convened more than 50 large companies in the region, who have brought more than 120 purchasing executives to receive more than 1,500 SMEswhich may be potential suppliers.

The large companies of Nuevo León are looking for more than 520 requirements, which they intend to find among the SMEs of the state. “We estimate that in the business appointments that are held, deals worth between 1,000 and 1,500 million pesos can be closed from this day and in the coming months, only from this edition,” said the leader of the industrialists.

One of the challenges of SMEs is that Caintra has detected that only 15% of the bank credit portfolio is dedicated to SMEs, a percentage that has decreased by an average of 5.5% per year, leaving this segment of investment companies at a disadvantage. and working capital. For this reason, 11 financing and support entities will participate to close the gap between the banks and these companies.


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