Samuel García announced State Climate Change Program in Nuevo León

Monterey, NL. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda presented the State Climate Change Program of Nuevo León and the Metropolitan Zone, with the objective of designing and implementing actions for the adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change, through the rational use of natural resources.

The plan of climate action It will allow the articulation of various programs and commitments of local governments, with an inclusive agenda, with a gender and human rights perspective. In addition, it will be mandatory for the dependencies and entities of the public administration of the state and the 51 municipalities.

Between the months of June and July of this year, the first day of participatory workshops will be held to collect information and proposals from the municipalities and various interested sectors.

Accompanied by federal, state, and municipal officials, diplomats, and representatives of intermediate organizations, civil associations, universities, and the community in general; the governor pointed out that this program is the transversal policy instrument derived from the State Development Plan (PED).

“We created the Ministry of the Environment, the Green Taxes, we forced Pemex to put filters and pay green taxes, the free vehicle verification is coming and many more plans will come, but if we do not stop climate change we are fried”, said the state president .

In his opinion, what causes climate change “are irresponsible cities, which have no plans, allow companies to ‘fume’ all day, and allow the quarries to eat the hill; that do not have recycling programs, messy cities that issued permits where there can be no housing, that is the problem we have.”

He assured that New Zealanders can get out of this water crisisnot complaining or dividing, or thinking about the vote or the political party.

“I assume the responsibility as the leader of the state that he already has to change and stop the (political) tension, because only together are we going to fix this crisis,” added Samuel García.

The decision made yesterday by the president, together with the metropolitan mayors and the director of Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey, caused great discontent among the population, because there will only be water six hours a dayat least until August.

Criticism rained down on Twitter Samuel It has been a trend with messages like that of Mauricio Cantú: “The governor ‘saves’ (the rapper) Lancer from the INM, now that he saves us 5.8 million Neolones who are running out of water”.

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