Samsung operates with an ecological vocation in favor of the present and future of the planet

It is likely that on a daily basis we lose sight of the fact that we are witnessing some of the ways in which the crisis that threatens the life of our planet manifests itself. Whether due to climate change, the dangers to biodiversity or the alarming levels of environmental pollution, We are experiencing a phenomenon that urgently needs the will and action of each and every one of its inhabitants.

But today is much more timely because World Mother Earth Day is celebrated, instituted by the United Nations Organization (UN) in 2009, an issue that has been on the agenda of this world entity since 1972.

Samsung Electronics, aware of its social responsibility and the positive and uplifting impact of acting in favor of the planet, executes programs in tune with this global and environmental crusade that is committed to protecting nature and, therefore, bequeathing a healthy planet to future generations, under the framework of its “Together for Tomorrow” vision, where technology serves to improve people’s lives and preserve the planet.

“Samsung has always challenged what is possible with technology and will continue to reconsider how best to use the planet’s resources. Announced in August 2021 with Galaxy for the Planet, Samsung is committed to taking tangible environmental action to help make the planet be healthier by 2025,” explained María Fernanda Hernández, Manager of Corporate Citizenship for Samsung in Central America and the Caribbean.

Let’s learn about some of these experiences that the Samsung Electronics Customer Services department executes in Central American, Latin American and Caribbean countries.

1.- Recycling through technical management

In Costa Rica, the management of disincorporated brand equipment and devices is governed by a process that ensures the proper disposal of its components. Once users deliver them to one of the workshops authorized by the Customer Service department (Customer Service) due to small defects, they are sent to the Association of Entrepreneurs for the Integral Management of Electronic Waste (Asegire), an entity created by legal mandate of the Costa Rican State for this purpose and to which about 90 companies in the country in the technological and industrial area are affiliated. This evaluation is carried out by the Asegire Compliance Unit and determines the sending of the material to one of the recycling companies that complies with the guidelines established for the proper technical management of waste.

2.- More time of use

In compliance with the objective of minimizing the generation of waste in the manufacturing chain, the Samsung Electronics Customer Service department has established procedures that guarantee this. For example, in equipment already on the market and if the customer reports a defect on the TV, instead of changing the entire screen, only the LED light bar is replaced. The idea is to give the equipment more time to use, since the rest of its components are in perfect condition, since the premise of its designs includes this way of prolonging its useful life. In this way, the generation of waste is minimized.

3.- Recycle with dual purpose

In Panama, all products that customers return due to damage are subject to a systematized recycling plan generated by the service or after-sales department. Domestic line equipment is recycled that, due to causes such as a blow, scratch or minor damage, is disincorporated but is in perfect working order. These are televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers and stoves that are “rescued” for a second chance and for a social benefit. That is, Samsung’s department of specialized technicians takes on the task of repairing and renovating equipment to be reusable equipment.s, and that Samsung has given as a donation to non-profit organizations such as the Lions Club of Panama and the organization Aldeas Infantiles SOS. The double benefit of this action stands out: the positive environmental impact and the social contribution.

4.- “Eco Documents” in digital format

Increasingly, the substitution of invoices and other printed tax receipts, which are generated by a purchase, by alternative digital printing systems is being promoted. In Samsung stores in the region, this formula has been implemented to minimize the use of paper, which generally ends up in the trash, and in this way, contribute to the preservation of the environment.

5.- Energy saving

In order to promote the responsible use of fuel, Samsung has implemented the “Eco-Transportation” program, in the use of transport units used by technicians authorized by the Samsung Latin America customer service department to make assistance visits technique requested by customers who have purchased an appliance of the brand. The purpose is to minimize the number of trips of these vehicles from the service center to the customer’s homes, by completing the repair on the first visit.

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