Samantha Padilla Jirón

Samantha Jirón, Ortega’s youngest political prisoner, will spend another Christmas in jail

The life of the family of the youngest political prisoner in Nicaragua, Samantha Jirón, underwent a drastic change since last November 9, 2021 when she was detained near a hotel in the capital. At that time she was 21 years old.

Three days after her kidnapping, her mother, Carolina Jirón, managed to confirm that her daughter was detained at the Managua District Three police station. It began for her, a nightmare that she still suffers from.

“I live very badly. The truth is that as a mother it is the last place (jail) where one wants to see his son, even more knowing that he is innocent and has not committed any crime. Just having faith in God that this situation will change soon. What we experienced is something that totally changed us as a family, like her because her dreams, goals and studies have been paralyzed, but we do not lose faith that she will soon resume her life ”, comments the mother.

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The young woman is one of the four women political prisoners in Masaya and this coming January 16 she will be 23 years old, behind the bars of La Esperanza women’s prison. Her mother maintains the faith that her daughter will soon be released, since she was sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of conspiracy to undermine national integrity and cybercrime.

Justice of Ortega sentenced the opposition member Samantha Jirón to eight years in prison. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

Develop diseases in prison

The young woman who studied political science and social communication, as a result of her imprisonment, suffers from various diseases, which have not dampened her smile and creativity to paint.

“She suffers from arthritic pain, bone pain. I try to take some special medicine for allergies or gastritis, I take those medicines, they receive them and thank God they deliver them. Circumstances have not changed much. Samantha is in a cell with common prisoners, and trying to be strong. Visits are every 15 days and parcels every 8 days. She practices reading and painting, since they are the only activities she does because she can’t get out of that cell”, says Doña Carolina.

Another Christmas with political prisoners

In Nicaragua, more than 200 political prisoners will spend another Christmas separated from their families and in the jails of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance and prison systems in the country. Among the opponents of the Ortega Murillo regime, 26 women are imprisoned, who at the time demanded the release of prisoners of conscience, without imagining that they would later be deprived of their liberty.

“I know that it is a family union date, that the important thing is that we are together, and I know that it is another Christmas that we are going to be apart, but we do not lose faith, that next Christmas will not be like that. I tell her: we must not let our guard down and she tries to be optimistic, and relax because I know that in the future we will enjoy ourselves as a family again ”, she maintains.

Opponent Samantha Jirón is formally accused by the Orteguita Prosecutor's Office
Opponent Samantha Jirón is formally accused by the Orteguita Prosecutor’s Office

Samantha Jirón supported the anti-government protests in the city of Masaya by providing first aid care to protesters, then she was forced into exile in Costa Rica, returning to political activism in 2020. At her young age, she is serving an eight-year sentence.

“As a mother I have placed my trust in God, in her son Jesus and I fully feel in my heart that she is not going to serve those 8 years in unfair and cruel prison. She can’t waste eight years of her life. I ask God for that miracle. Faith and hope is what sustains us to endure this great and indescribable pain ”, she points out.

“It is a pain – she adds – that I feel as a mother and other relatives who have their loved ones in jail being innocent. God will open those doors and the day will come to see them free,” she points out. The young political prisoner also clings to her faith in God so that she and other imprisoned opponents obtain her freedom, and that the thousands of exiles return to Nicaragua and feel the love of their families.

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