Samaniego insists on knowing the evidence against Velázquez

Samaniego insists on knowing the evidence against Velázquez

The board of directors of the Chamber of Senators decided last week to summon Julio Arriola, national chancellor, to give details on the arguments for which the United States embassy accused Hugo Velázquez, vice president of the Republic, to be significantly corrupt.

Lilian Samaniego, national senator for the National Republican Association (ANR), pointed out that Hugo Velázquez has the right to know what he is accused of. “I want to make some clarifications, I defend the institution of the vice presidency of the Republic. As well as the institution of the Colorado Party. When the announcement is made, it is spoken of the ambassador who has the right, based on the rules of the United States, to allow the entry of foreigners, the cause must be judicial. We want to know the elements and the evidence on the accusations, ”she said.

Last week, Ambassador Marc Ostfield posted on social media that there is evidence that Velázquez has committed significant corruption crimes. Specifically, he accuses him of bribing a public official with US$1 million to prevent the progress of an investigation against him. Velázquez affirms that he will not resign from the vice presidency until knowing the details of the accusation of him. “We want to know officially if the chancellor can transmit our queries to the Department of Justice. If they don’t give the elements, they show that there is a political issue”, he pointed out.

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