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Salvador Millaleo, the first fallen of the Government: coordinator of Indigenous Affairs resigns due to acts of violence in the south

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The political and strategic coordinator for Indigenous Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Salvador MillaleoHe submitted his resignation from the post. His resignation comes within the framework of a series of acts of violence in the southern provinces, with the arson attack in the Los Álamos commune, Biobío Region, in which 30 machinery and trucks were burned.

As announced Thirdthe lawyer and former counselor of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) reported his resignation this afternoon, through a message sent to his colleagues at the Ministry of the Interior.

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Millaleo expressed discrepancies with the team of the head of the Interior, Izkia Sichesregarding how the conflict in La Araucanía was being addressed.

The lawyer disagreed, for example, with Siches’ visit to Temucuicui, as part of his trip to the region. That Tuesday, March 15, the Secretary of State was unable to enter the sector due to roadblocks and shots fired into the air, forcing the delegation to withdraw.

According to the aforementioned media, the former INDH counselor disagreed with the Executive’s strategy of presenting complaints, without complementing with other measures, regarding the recent acts of violence.

Millaleo worked on the President’s show Gabriel Boric in conjunction with the current chief of staff of the President, Matthias Meza-Lopehandía,

Measures in the south

After the attack in Los Álamos, Minister Siches met this Friday morning with the general director of Carabineros, Ricardo Yanez, and the director of the Investigative Police (PDI) Sergio Munoz.

After the meeting, the Ministry of the Interior announced “strategic and operational” measures to address the acts of violence in the area. However, they ruled out the implementation of a new State of Exception.

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalveexplained that they will strengthen security measures in the area, for which General Marcelo Arayadirector of Police Order and Security, will visit Biobío and La Araucanía to “take immediate and direct measures to improve security conditions on the routes” with the area generals, which “will be visible, palpable and effective to the safety of citizens”.

Second, the authority announced that resources of 5,500 million pesos will be allocated for the purchase of “a set of equipment to improve security conditions in both regions and that will be done in conjunction with the governors.”

Thirdly, Monsalve pointed out that “we have been asked to strengthen State policies to be able to attend in a timely manner to those who are eventually victims of acts of violence”, for which “those who were outside of politics of repair, as were the drivers of the means of transport”.

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