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Salud serves more than 7,100 faithful in Operativo Caacupé

The health portfolio explained that the main reasons for consultation continue to be blistering lesions, muscle pain, headache and arterial hypertension.

The cases attended, most of them are not serious, according to the partial report.

The Ministry of Health urgesWear comfortable clothes and shoes (sneakers or sports shoes), not sandals or slippers, to prevent the appearance of blisters or other injuries on the feet.

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Likewise, It is advisable to always carry a thermos of water, to avoid dehydration. People who walk should drink plenty of drinking water, so that they stay well hydrated, since temperatures are high, especially on these days, and the body perspires more than usual.

The entrance Salud serves more than 7,100 faithful in Operativo Caacupé was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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