What are the products that would be given the most on Mother's Day?

Sales grow but not profitability, traders say

The Mother’s Day It came with good returns for traders. According to the consultation with businessmen in the sector, for 44% sales increased in physical quantities, in relation to those obtained in May of the previous year.

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Although the percentage decreases compared to the report of May 2021 (47%), the president of the union, Jaime Alberto Cabal He pointed out that the behavior of businesses in the fifth month of the year is favorable and reflects a good pace in the commercial dynamics.

On the other hand, in the survey another 36% of entrepreneurs said their sales were “approximately the same” and 20% said they decreased compared to the same month last year.

Cabal commented that, in effect, the celebration of Mother’s Day boosted sales of several categories, particularly the fashion cluster, cell phones, as well as restaurants. Special mention for the sectors of service stations, vehicles and motorcycles, which experienced good growth in May, according to the Bitácora.

A phenomenon that the merchants who participated in the consultation notice is that there is a stimulant increase in gross receiptsthis situation is offset by headwinds from shortages of raw materials and higher selling, general and administrative expenses, mainly due to disruptions in the supply chain.

“Sales grow but profitability does not”, is the general opinion.

With the results of this survey, Fenalco believes that everything points to the growth of the Colombian economy in the second quarter it will be higher than that registered in the first quarter, of 8.5%. “It should be remembered that the second quarter of 2021 was marked by serious public order disturbances that greatly affected business dynamics,” he specified.

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Regarding expectations, in May these improved slightly, says Fenalco.
He adds in his analysis that “the immediate performance of business will largely depend on whether global supply chains return to normal, in addition to the development of the war in Ukraine. Entrepreneurs are also waiting for the electoral process”.


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