Salem witches arrive at Ignacio A. Pane with “Hysteria”

The play of theater and contemporary dance, ‘Hysteria: The Salem Trials’ opens this Monday, April 4 at the Ignacio A. Pane Municipal Theater, at 9:00 p.m. Tickets cost 55,000 Gs.

The plot is set in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, where a strict community stifled by the rules of the Puritan Church is involved in a dark and sinister chaos caused by a group of young girls who claim that several people in the town have agreed with the Devil.

Faced with these terrible accusations, the local authorities summon higher strata to determine the cause of a series of events that appear to be supernatural.

Salem witches arrive at Ignacio A. Pane with "Hysteria"

Hysteria takes over the minds and wills of all the people in town, starting a deadly “Witch Hunt”.

Created and directed by the dancer and choreographer, Félix Álvarez, based on “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, it features performances by Omar Mareco, Larissa Gómez, Diro Romero, Ronald Maluff, Maitée Miltos, and the acting and dramaturgical accompaniment of Jorge Baez.

The show also includes the participation of dancers from the Young Contemporary Group: Adriana Flores, Fiorella Olmedo, Antonella Alvarenga, Naomi Ortiz, Rocío Ortíz, Araceli Villamayor, Jannine Ramírez, Melany Mendoza, Mónica Florentín, Sol Díaz, Suyay Castro, Jazmín Meza, Luján Chena, Micaela Ozuna and Araceli Cartasso.

The production is by Diego Galarza, the costumes are by Natasha Larreinegabe and the makeup is by Angélica González.

The following functions will be on Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6, at the same place and time. Tickets can be purchased via WhatsApp at (0981)433833.

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