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Sale of dollars in Guantánamo: many coleros and little cash

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. — Inhabitants of the province of Guantánamo recently expressed to CubaNet his dissatisfaction with sale of us dollars (USD), which works through the so-called Exchange Houses (Cadecas).

This is an economic measure promoted by the island’s regime during the month of August with the aim of capturing the currencies that circulated mainly in the informal exchange market.

However, the implemented system does not guarantee that everyone can access the dollars. This was confirmed to this newspaper by a Guantanamo doctor who told this newspaper on condition of anonymity.

The health professional revealed that she tried to buy 100 dollars —the maximum limit allowed for the purchase of currency— in the only Cadeca in the main municipality, but that she was unsuccessful.

“On the morning of the 15th of this month, I tried to queue at CADECA to buy a few dollars, but it was impossible. That day several started a fight over shifts, “said the woman.

According to the doctor, the situation forced the intervention of law enforcement officers, who were expelled from the place by the citizens themselves.

“The police had to intervene, but the people pulled the two law enforcement officers out by their shirt sleeves and hands,” the source relates.

Guantanameros queue in front of the Cadeca branch in that province (Photo by the author)

Arianne, an employee who works in an institution near the city’s Exchange House, explains that the dollars are barely enough to distribute between 20 and 30 shifts a day.

“The woman explains that the Cadeca opens at 8 in the morning and sells dollars until the availability of the currency ends, which always happens around noon.”

A Guantanamo woman identified as Vilmeris told CubaNet that on two occasions he has gone to the Cadeca to try to change 100 dollars and that on both occasions it has been impossible.

“Since they finish providing the service, the resellers and coleros begin to make a queue at the front portals of the Casa de Cambio and the next day all the shifts are theirs. Apparently, the corporate purpose of that Cadeca is resellers and coleros”.

Also in social networks, many Guantanamo people have denounced the usual presence of coleros in the Cadeca of the province. They also maintain that they operate under the protective cloak of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR).

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