Salary of Minister Grau’s cousin in the Municipality of Santiago increased by more than $6 million: he explains why this jump was due

Lawyer’s compensation Alonso Grau -cousin of the Minister of Economy, Nicholas Grau– in the Municipality of Santiago it had a jump of more than $6 million pesos. The building house hired him on February 14, 2022, in the Legal Unit of the municipality’s Health Directorate.

According to meganews, through data from Active Transparency, Grau received in February a gross remuneration of $777,000 for 13 days of work. Upon hiring him, he was assigned grade 15 on the salary scale of the Municipal Primary Health Care Statute. This corresponds to $1,665,547 monthly.

In June of this year, the lawyer increased his salary scale by eight grades while maintaining the same position. In this way, he should receive $ 2,585,729. However, Grau received a gross salary of $7,333,779 in June.

The lawyer explained to the aforementioned media that the increase in remuneration was not a promotion, but “only the regularization of what he assures they should have always paid him”, meganews.

The cousin of the head of Economy explained that he came to the building to replace a lawyer whose gross salary before leaving office was $3,262,318, including special assignments. When she arrived, she was assigned the lowest grade on the pay scale.

“I knew that was not correct. The person who enters to make a replacement corresponds to the remuneration of the person who is replacing, during the period that served as a replacement, “said Grau.

“It is not that their grade has been increased, but rather, what was done was to adjust the grade to adhere to the Comptroller’s opinion,” they confirmed from the Municipality of Santiago.

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