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Saint Luke, Evangelist: October 18

424 – “Fool, tonight you are going to die. And for whom will what you have
heaped?”. Lk 12, 20
There are people who spend their best energies seeking to accumulate goods: houses,
jewelry, cars, stocks, savings… It seems that they are hypnotized or
obsessed with accumulating, forgetting that our days here are limited and
that nothing we accumulate we carry. Supposedly, they want to leave the
children in a good situation, but it is just an excuse for someone who is bewitched by the
riches. Each one must work normally to have what is necessary for himself and his family.
family. Life in Christ must free us from the bondage of accumulation. It is
necessary to balance work, family, religion and social life, because death does not
sorry. Peace and good.

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