Saime page returns after three weeks off

Saime page returns after three weeks off

Users reported since the night of July 15 the restoration of the Saime page. At the moment the costs of the passport and the extension that at least the entity reported during May and June are maintained. The director of the identification, migration and immigration agency, Gustavo Vizcaíno, has not given an official statement to the regard

The light came to the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime). After three weeks of being down, the institution’s website returned. The apparent activation of the site occurred with the same secrecy that the authorities maintained when it began to fail: there is no official announcement or clarification as to whether or not it is technical evidence on the portal.

Through Twitter, users reported the return of the portal on Friday night. The user Pedro Mijail detailed through the social network that he was able to enter his user after repeatedly refreshing the portal with the F5 keyboard control.

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Jesús Lara, for his part, affirmed that the pressure exerted by the citizens on the authorities was crucial for the restoration of the service. «Claro, below it says ‘Made in 2021’ but it is still the same platform in X-Powered-By PHP / 5.3.3 of all life) “, he added in his Tweet.

The costs are kept in the Saime

After the return of the platform, doubts about the price of, for example, the passport and the extension were immediate. When entering the website, the service itself announces that the ten-year passport has a value of 3.6 petros, which is equivalent to 1,225.548 bolívares. The cost of the document, when calculated with the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) for this Saturday, July 16 (5,699 bolívares per dollar), is 215 dollars.

The extension of the passport, meanwhile, has a cost of 1.8 petros, that is, 612,774 bolívares, equivalent to 107.5 dollars according to the issuing entity.

The 5-year passport costs 2.7 petros: 919,161 bolívares or 121.28 dollars, while the 3-year passport costs the same as the extension. Passports for 3 and 5 years are issued only for children and adolescents.

These figures hold. According to publications by the agency itself through Instagram, at least for May 21, these were the costs to process the aforementioned documents.

consequences of the fall

The flaw in the national identification system has left many Venezuelans trapped in their own country and far from their relatives abroad. In these three weeks of failures, cases of people who lost international study scholarships and even jobs were known.

Faced with desperation for identity documents, Venezuelans used social networks to demand answers in the face of the silence of the authorities, but they have only been told that starting next week (July 18 onwards) they will receive an email with the rescheduling of the appointment and that the offices are operational for the delivery of ID cards, passports and extensions.

Expert human rights defenders, consulted by As it isagree that the Saime blackout violates multiple rights in the daily life of Venezuelans, both those who still live in the country and the more than six million who have emigrated in search of better life opportunities.

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