SAG condemns protest with a dead lion on the outskirts of La Moneda and analyzes filing legal actions

The Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) condemned the protest registered this morning, where a group of people from the Los Angeles Zoo, Bío Bío region, left a dead lion in front of the La Moneda Palace, and pointed out that they will analyze the presentation of legal actions.

Through a statement, the SAG referred to the death of the animal, explaining that “in the framework of a scheduled inspection procedure at the Los Angeles Zoo, in the Biobío region, carried out yesterday and in accordance with the established protocols, The zoo’s veterinarian was asked to anesthetize a group of animals to read the identification microchip that all specimens in the exhibition centers must have.”

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Along the same lines, they added that “unfortunately, one of the animals that underwent this procedure died during its implementation.” In the same way, they explain that the application of anesthesia “is part of the usual procedures” to handle this type of animal.

Continuing with the explanations, the agency indicated that “it is required to carry out a safe review process and to safeguard the physical integrity of both the animals and the personnel participating in the procedure. We want to emphasize that said procedure was carried out by a team from the own zoo, as established by the protocol”.

Given the above, from the SAG they categorically rejected the action carried out by the owner of the Los Angeles Zoo, since this act violates the dignity of the animal and the possible presentation of legal actions that the regulations allow is being analyzed.

In the same way, they concluded that the zoo in question “has been part of a sanctioning administrative process by the SAG for a few months due to serious irregularities derived from inadequate handling of the animals that are in this establishment.”

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