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Sabanitas-Panama III high-voltage electrical transmission line is more than 40% complete

Judith Pena | February 7, 2023

After a follow-up inspection, carried out this Tuesday, February 7, by the Electric Transmission Company (ETESA) to the Sabanitas-Panama III high-voltage electric transmission line, it was found that it has an advance of more than 40%.

According to the manager of ETESA, Carlos Mosquera Castillo, the construction, equipment and commissioning works of Sabanitas-Panamá III must be completed before the Generadora Gatún project – the new and modern natural gas-based power plant – is completed. .

“The Sabanitas-Panama III project -whose length is just over 46 kilometers- is more than 40% complete. The objective is to finish two or three months before the Gatún generator is ready to go online, in order to be able to carry out preliminary tests, and verify safety and reliability,” Castillo explained.

During the inspection, the progress of 21% of the civil works of the Sabanitas Substation was verified, which includes the completion of the earth movement corresponding to the cutting of the platform and the road access from the highway, as well as the foundations of the Control Building that reflects 80.10% progress in this activity.

The manager of the Electric Transmission Company recalled that the projects of the Expansion Plan of the National Interconnected System (PESIN), which ETESA has been developing, are aligned with the Energy Transition Plan, through which Panama is progressively integrating energies into its matrix renewable, cleaner, efficient, which even in the future should be reflected in the rates.

“The new Sabanitas-Panamá III transmission line is of the utmost importance, because it has a capacity of 1,000 MVA per circuit and will bring energy to the point of greatest consumption from a closer place,” referring to the energy that will be produced in the new Generadora Gatún, the natural gas-based electricity generation project carried out by AES Panama in the province of Colón.

Together with the ETESA manager, personnel from the project management and environmental management of the state company participated in the field inspection, as well as the engineers responsible for the Consorcio Agrupación Sabanitas Panama.

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