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Saab: 67 arrest warrants and 142 searches accumulate corruption cases

Not even the amount of money that the acts of corruption would accumulate has been revealed by the prosecutor Tarek William Saab, beyond the $3,000 million related to the “Pdvsa Cripto” case.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab published an update on the investigations and legal proceedings linked to the recently unleashed corruption schemes, stating that a total of 67 arrest warrants have been processed and 142 searches carried out.

«Balance of the last 72 hours of the anti-corruption operation: the Public Ministry communicates the following judicial actions undertaken by the State to sanction said mafia, from PDVSA Cripto and CVG. 67 arrest warrants and 142 searches have been requested at the national level », he published in his twitter account.

Without offering more information about the people investigated or the individuals to whom these arrest warrants were applied, the Public Ministry confirms that at least 34 people remain fugitives from justice, since the same prosecutor has only confirmed 33 detainees so far, despite the fact that in its official figures it announced 34.

Last Wednesday, April 5, he reported that 34 people were detained at that time, although during the reading of names, Saab only mentioned 33 of these detainees.

In this way, the inaccuracies of the Public Ministry continue. Despite the fact that the prosecutor constantly shares information, there are few clear and concrete details about the extent of the corruption plot investigated, which has spread to the highest levels of the Government, such as the closest circle of the now former Oil Minister, Tareck El Aissami.

Saab has not even confirmed the amount of money that the embezzlement of public funds would accumulate with these cases, beyond the $3,000 million related to “Pdvsa Cripto”, based on information that was released in media related to Chavismo.

According to data from the civil association Transparencia Venezuela, only four investigation processes are being carried out on acts of corruption in Pdvsa, which compromise $9,394 million of the more than $68,300 million that, according to international investigations, it is estimated would have been extracted through acts of corruption.

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