S ye Group SRL was awarded by G. 170,290,050

During the afternoon, the DNCP published that S ye Group SRL was awarded for a total value of G. 170,290,050, and managed to win the tender for the Construction of an Administrative Area – Colegio Nacional Virgen de Caacupe – Compañía Fleitas Cue – San Pedro of Paraná with the ID 415.433. For this tender, offers began to be received on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

The Municipality of San Pedro del Paraná was the institution in charge of carrying out the Call for Tenders No. 415,433 under the category of Construction, Restoration, Reconstruction OR Remodeling and Repair of Real Estateby the type of Bid Contest procedure.

The aforementioned institution awarded 16 items.

The aforementioned firm has as legal representative Mariela Rivarola and Guillermo Galeano.

Two more companies came to the call: Antonio Andres Rivas and Feriano Zarza.

Source: DNCP

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