Russian opponent asks to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine

Russian opponent asks to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine

Russian opponent Mikhail Khodorkovsky defended this Saturday (05.28.2022) the need to provide Ukraine with weapons heavy to take on the Russian Armed Forces.

“If they don’t give Ukraine the weapons they are asking for, soon we will be fighting again near kyiv,” Khodorkovsky told the German newspaper. bild.

In addition, he criticized Western leaders for being afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin.and believe that they are not at war with him.

It is “a very stupid attitude” because from Putin’s point of view Western countries and their politicians are already at war with Russia. Khodorkovsky, a former Russian oil tycoon, lives in exile in London.

Zelenski will intervene this Monday at the European summit in Brusselswhere the leaders of the 27 member states will meet to make a decision on the embargo on Russian oil.

Parallel, US media reported that Washington is preparing to supply multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), something that Ukraine has claimed to be able to face the Russian military power.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby did not confirm the shipment of the M270 MLRS, a highly mobile weapon with a range of up to 300 km.

On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had destroyed an arsenal of the Ukrainian armed forces and
in the city of Krivoy Rog, in the southeast of the country, with “long-range, high-precision missiles.”

Russian forces also attacked a Ukrainian air defense system near Mykolaivka in the Donetsk region and a radar station near Kharkov and five ammunition depots, one near Severodonetsk.

On Saturday, during a call with the leaders of Germany and France, Russian President Vladimir Putin considered “dangerous to continue flooding Ukraine with Western weapons”, and warned of the risk of future “destabilization,” according to the Kremlin.

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