Misiles rusos, Polonia

Russian missiles kill two civilians in NATO territory Poland

MIAMI, United States. — Two civilians died this Tuesday in Poland due to the impact of missiles, presumably of Russian origin, international press agencies reported.

The first report on the event was broadcast by the local Polish radio ZET, which assured that it was about lost Russian missiles. The same source confirmed that the incident left two people dead.

The rockets hit a barn located in the town of Przewodów, on the border with Ukraine.

The event, which has put the international community on alert, forced the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, to urgently convene the Committee of the Council of Ministers for National Security and Defense Affairs.

The Spanish newspaper The world points out that the Polish police and army are already present at the scene and the firefighters have confirmed that there have been explosions in that town. The Ukrainian civil protection services have also arrived in the town, which belongs to the province of Lublin.

A senior official from the US intelligence services confirmed to the agency Associated Press (AP) that the missiles that hit Poland belong to the Russian army.

However, Pentagon sources said the United States could not corroborate the media reports, but was investigating what happened.

“We are aware of press reports that two Russian missiles have hit a location inside Poland or on the border with Ukraine. We don’t have any information at this time to substantiate that there has been a missile attack,” Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters gathered in Washington.

For his part, the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelensky, assured that the explosion of the missiles and the death of the two civilians constituted an attack against collective security.

“Terror is not limited to our borders. Russian missiles hit Poland to fire missiles into NATO territory. This is a Russian missile attack against collective security! This is a very significant escalation,” said the Ukrainian ruler in a speech broadcast on social networks.

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