Rusia cerrará gasoducto a Europa durante tres días

Russia to close gas pipeline to Europe for three days

The state gas company Russia announced today that a important pipeline carries natural gas to Europe will be closed during three days at the end of this month for “mamaintenance routine”.

In a statement posted online, Gazprom said that the only turbine operating in a important station of compressors in the gas pipeline North stream 1, connecting the west Russia with Germanywill be closed for 31st maintenance August to September 2.

“Maintenance work will be carried outniment routinely in accordance with the current contract, along with Siemens specialists”, specified the company in reference to its German partner, Siemens Energy.

Gazprom said that once complete the jobsthe gas flow through the Nord Stream 1 will resume at your level prior to 33 million cubic meters: barely 20% of the capacity normal gas pipeline.

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The flows ofand gas through of the Nord Stream 1 have been a point of contention. Closing occurs a month later of which Gazprom restored the natural gas supplies by the gas pipeline to a fifth of its capacity after a closure prior for maintenance.

Russia has blamed of reductions to technical problems, but germany says that they are a political measure to create uncertainty and raise prices in the midst of the war in ukraine.

The new closure creates fears that Russia could suspend completely the supply of gas —used for industry, electricity and space heating homes- like way to exercise political lever over Europe in moments when winter is coming.

Natural gas prices have risen after that Russia reduced its natural gas supplies to a dozen countries in the European Union, feeding the rate of inflation and the risk of a recession on the continent.

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