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Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the attack that destroyed the Kakhovka dam

Angel Valdes | June 6, 2023

Following the surprise attack on the Kakhovka dam structures causing several communities in the Kherson region of Ukraine to be flooded, both the Russian and Ukrainian governments blame each other for the attack that caused emergency evacuations and irreparable damage is estimated to the environment.
In official statements, the Kremlin denied responsibility for the attack and accused Ukraine of deliberate sabotage, while Kiev directly accused the Russians of the attack and denied that Ukraine deliberately attacked the dam.

Thousands of people had to evacuate in a hurry to flee from the flooding of the rivers and lakes due to the strong current coming from the attacked dam, in the images sent to television you could see people trying to get their farm animals out and your pets as far away from the flood zone.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) this attack demonstrates the brutality of the war and that it puts thousands of people at risk and will cause serious environmental damage.

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