Rubén Blades responds to Ernesto Pérez Balladares, calls him ‘elderly and former politician’

Written by: Enrique Arosemena

As a journalist, trained at a time when the counterpart was mandatory, after an interview I conducted a few days ago with the former President of the Republic, Ernesto Pérez Balladares, I proceeded to locate the former minister, actor and singer Rubén Blades, to learn about his reaction on what was pointed out by the former president and other issues of national interest.

I started my note calling him “Don Rubén”, in the same way, his answer started with a “Don Enrique”, and he continued to answer what I had previously consulted him.

What is your opinion of former President Balladares’ statements that he would be a good candidate for Brooklyn (New York)?

RB/: About the comment that you attribute to the “Toro”, (I assume you are referring to the old man and ex-politician who ran in 1994?): Being that man; He knows very well the level of corruption that exists in his PRD party and the clientelistic electorate, and for this reason he correctly assumes that I would be better off as a candidate in a transparent election, anywhere other than Panama, such as Brooklyn, or perhaps Africa, which he likes to visit so much to remember what he thinks it was.

I could have asked him if he also considered himself an old man, since the singer-songwriter is 73 years old and former president Balladares, 75; That is why I requested an interview via Zoom, which would be broadcast on Radio Panama and its social networks under the same conditions as those of Mr. Ernesto Pérez Balladares, however, the artist limited himself to inviting me to his blog where he expresses his opinion. on a regular basis.

Rubén Blades answers me:

If you are really interested in my opinion on national issues, then I recommend that you read the articles that I write and that I publish on my website. The political circus already has enough members and I don’t want to co-star in media scandals characterized by the “tell me what I’ll tell you”, typical of “silty yard” confrontations, much less fan morbidity or speculation about a non-existent political future.

At the end, he shared with us part of his future in acting in the popular series The Walking Dead, where for years allusion is made to the fact that he is killed in the first minutes of the films. This time his character is still in the series. Blades did not miss the opportunity to refer to all former presidents.

Blades added:

Thank God my character, Daniel Salazar, is still alive in the series “Fear The Walking Dead” and we are ready to start its eighth season soon.

My work as an actor provides me with an honest salary that allows me to face my obligations, without robbing Panama and my people of their future, as corrupt former presidents have done who accepted bribes and “gifts” with which they bought businesses, ships, planes. , houses, loved ones, pay for trips, personal and political expenses, open secret accounts in international banks and receive monthly checks that report dividends for phantom investments that are really hidden payments, for illicit favors performed during their mandates.

Without a doubt, an interview with the teacher Rubén Blades would have given us all a better panorama and the opportunity to cross-examine; to leave nothing to the imagination.

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