Rubber bullets, gases and a dead person in Gimnasia-Boca

Rubber bullets, gases and a dead person in Gimnasia-Boca

A father with his little daughter and tickets in hand wanted to enter the stadium of Gym, but since it was already full, the police prevented it. At one point, the security forces, to clear the area, pushed the girl and the madness was unleashed. That is where the serious incidents that led to the suspension were born 9 minutes into the first half of Gymnastics-Bocaa key game in the fight for the Argentine league title.

Everything happened from there. The triperos fans exploded and braided with the police, who repressed without mercy. Tear gas and rubber bullets multiplied. The police, out of control, shot at fans who were a couple of meters away.

People tried to protect themselves by running towards the Forest, towards the darkness, towards an area where the detonations would be heard until almost 45 minutes after the suspension, mixed with the sirens of the ambulances. The battle was fierce.

There were even wounded press men. A cameraman from TyC Sports, Ferdinand Rivero, who was taking pictures around the stadium, received three rubber bullets in the leg. Moreover, the moment in which the policeman shot him is clearly seen. A horror…

Driven by the wind, the gases began to invade the field and the game was interrupted. while the coaches Nestor Gorosito and Hugo Ibarra they went into the field looking for the tunnel to protect themselves in the locker room, red frames He threw bottles of mineral water at fans over the fence so they could hydrate and wash their gas-affected eyes.

Many fans who could not leave the stadium because the doors did not open and found themselves crowded and drowned in an overflowing grandstand, desperate, decided to climb the fence to enter the field of play. The images were pathetic.

In the midst of such lack of control, some parents lost their children. In fact, an hour after the madness started from the voice of the stadium they announced the names of the boys who were waiting there for their parents to pick them up.

There were mixed versions from different officials. Serge Bernie, Buenos Aires security minister, assured that the whole problem arose from a large number of people who wanted to enter without his entry. At the same time, Julius Garromayor of silversaid that the overselling of seats was the reason and that around 100 fans were assisted by Civil Defense and SAME ambulances.

Ambulances transported the injured to hospital. San Martin. In one of them he traveled Cesar Regueiroa fan of Gym 57 years old and former player of Villa San Carlos and the league from La Plata, who according to official sources died on the way as a result of a cardiac arrest suffered in such a state of desperation and difficulty breathing.

In the end, the game was suspended 9 minutes into the first half, when Gymnastics and Mouth tied 0-0 in the Forest. If the xeneizes won, they remained as sole pointers. If the triperos prevailed, they would get back into the big fight for the title. Now it is not known when they will play. It would be behind closed doors. It will be seen. Anyway, it’s the least of it. Argentine football has nothing to do with the National Team Messi who dreams of catching the world. Argentine football is a piece of paper that hurts more every day.

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