Rozalén dará un conjcierto en Cuba

Rozalén will give a concert in Cuba

Mexico City, Mexico.- The Spanish singer-songwriter Rozalen is in Cuba, where he will offer a concert this Monday, May 8, in the Covarrubias hall of the National Theater of Havana,

“I cry with joy for the precious reception. This Monday, May 8, we will play for the first time in Cuba, at 8:00 p.m., in the Sala Covarrubias. I still can’t believe it… #Cuba # CubaDisco2023 #LaHabana ”, said the Spaniard on her social networks.

The publication is accompanied by a photo where he is seen posing next to the old American cars in Old Havana, near the Capitol.

The artist is visiting the island, invited to the Cubadisco 2023 International Fair.

The event began this Saturday, May 6 and will run until Sunday the 14th under the slogan ‘¡Isla q Suena!’, according to the official newspaper Havana Tribune.

The international symposium will be dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the CIDMUC Cuban Music Research Center, the XX Anniversary of the record company, COLIBRÍ and the 10th anniversary of the CLAVE channel.

María de los Ángeles Rozalén Ortuño (Rozalén, 36 years old) is a Spanish singer-songwriter and composer recognized with the National Prize for Current Music in 2021.

Throughout his career he has released five albums, entitled With the right to…, Who has seen me…, When the river sounds…, The tree and the forest and Matrix.

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