Route PY02: they activate a plan with preventive measures to give security to pilgrims

Route PY02: they activate a plan with preventive measures to give security to pilgrims

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) is carrying out a contingency plan with preventive measures that will provide security and well-being to pilgrims on the PY02 route, within the framework of the Virgin of Caacupé festival.

The Works portfolio together with the Specific Purpose Company – Rutas del Este, carry out this security plan.

Last Saturday, December 3, Rutas del Este -responsible for duplicating and expanding the aforementioned highway- activated a contingency plan with 24-hour coverage, with monitoring, surveillance, water stations and rest for pilgrims, which will be extended until 00:00 hours on Saturday, December 10, 2022. It also develops actions for environmental and road education for pilgrims and drivers, under the slogan “Let’s take care of the route”.

The pilgrimage march will take place with most of the sections of the PY02 route enabled and completed. The only work area that pilgrims will find on the way is between km 59 and km 73, which correspond to the municipalities of Caacupé and Eusebio Ayala. In this area, sidewalks are already enabled in good conditions for pedestrian circulation, with reinforced signage and support from flaggers.

Work was done on a safe circulation scheme, in coordination between the MOPC, the Paraguay Highway Patrol, the Municipality of Caacupé, the fire brigade and inspectors. For a better pilgrimage experience, tasks of cleaning the domain strip, cutting and pruning vegetation, sealing fissures and others were intensified. To this is added the signaling in the area, warning the presence of walkers.

The water supply and rest points for pilgrims were enabled this morning, December 5, at km 77, of Eusebio Ayala, and at km 97.5 and 106, of San José de los Arroyos. They have containers for the recycling of plastic waste where people can deposit their water bottles and access road safety and environmental education manuals, under the slogan “Let’s take care of the road”. On the other hand, dumpsters with a selection of organic waste, paper, plastics and glass were installed, located at the Ypacaraí and Nueva Londres toll booths.

To improve the vehicular flow to Caacupé, no deviations are foreseen in the main trunk of the PY02 route, this week. And to guarantee the good conditions of the route, potholes were carried out on the road, replacement and verification of vertical signage, horizontal demarcation, among others.

In terms of security, emergency crews will be available in the event of a mishap on the route, through the Rutas del Este Operational Control Center (CCO) and Road Surveillance, which will operate with mobile surveillance, day and night. . For this, there are active monitoring equipment on route PY02. People who need help can contact the CCO at *76373.

Pilgrimage on route PY02

As in previous years, the pilgrimage along the PY02 route will take place along the shoulders, generally in the opposite direction of traffic. The only section in which you will walk off the road will be between km 62 and km 63, in the vicinity of the Ytú stream, in Piribebuy, where there will be a property adjacent to the route, set up as a pedestrian path. The section will have pedestrian gates, delimitation with barriers and with flaggers directing the circulation.

Until December 6, vehicular circulation will continue in two directions. Between December 7 and 8, the lane that goes from Caacupé to the Pedrozo company, in the direction of Asunción, will close to vehicular traffic one of its lanes for the exclusive use of pilgrims and the other will be for vehicle circulation in both directions. To avoid congestion, the Highway Police will divert heavy vehicles from Caacupé to the Pedrozo crossing.

For those who come from the southeast of the country, at km 62.1, Piribebuy, the pilgrimage will remain on the bridge, on the right shoulder, against traffic. From Ypacaraí to Caacupé, the route is complete and operational and pilgrims will be able to walk along both shoulders, without any problems. The stretch from Caaguazú to Eusebio Ayala has also been completed.

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