Rossi and Heller called for the unity of the Front of All and to defend democracy

Rossi and Heller called for the unity of the Front of All and to defend democracy

Rossi: “We need a strong unit for 2023” / Photo Sebastián Granata

The Comptroller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) and referent of the Militancy Current, Agustín Rossiand the national deputy Carlos Heller This Saturday, they led a meeting in Rosario together with militants in which they called for the unity of the Frente de Todos and the defense of Argentine democracy against “neo-fascist ideologies.”

“We need a strong unity for 2023 and we must not let ourselves be run by the right, which has done so much harm to the Argentine people when they governed between 2015 and 2019,” Rossi assured.

In this sense, Heller pointed out: “Some colleagues say ‘unit for what?’ I say, beware, if there is no unit there is no one for what.”

“Unity is a prior and indispensable condition so that later together we can build what for”Heller reflected.

Heller Some comrades say
Heller: “Some colleagues say

Along these lines, the president of the Solidarity Party (PSOL) affirmed: “We have differences, nuances but we are all on the same side” and “we are going to work to build a deeper unity to find ways that summarize the nuances and differences”.

Later, Rossi referred to the assassination attempt against the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and criticized the president of the Pro, Patricia Bullrichstating: “Your attitude is rogue. The president of the main opposition party did not repudiate the fact, she did not appear.”

“Other leaders who first repudiated, then saw a focus group and started with the yes but… mitigating the fact,” he remarked and pointed out that “not speaking out and not condemning the attack because their networks tell them not to do it, it’s a mistake and the political leadership should not go in that direction”.

Also, he stated that “That is why the antidote is to have more policies, more militancy and suggest to society as a whole that there is a horizon of expectations” and “that those siren songs (referring to the right) have nothing to do with the future that Argentines decided long ago, to live in peace, in democracy and with social justice.”

  Photo Sebastian Granata
/ Photo Sebastian Granata

For his part, Heller referred to the hate speech and affirmed that “repeated many times, they can generate the conditions for acts of violence.”

“The attack against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner must draw a definitive line that marks a before and after in Argentine politics”, he emphasized and highlighted: “our country must return to the culture of debate and the exchange of ideas”.

“The adversary is discussed and polemized, but he should never be considered an enemy to be eliminated. The culture of death is never compatible with democratic culture,” he remarked.

Likewise, the national deputy said that “we, the referents of the Front of All, propose and permanently exercise dialogue and public debate.”

  Photo Sebastian Granata
/ Photo Sebastian Granata

“In the case of the Vice President, she also exercises her own judicial defense in a framework where the dominant discourses try to blame her through a great media show, without evidence,” said Heller, noting that “the national government has been insisting on different calls to dialogue and public discussion”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “beyond the great ideological differences that exist between the different political sectors, what the Frente de Todos proposes is that these controversies be resolved through political debate” and “the search for possible agreements, leaving behind the culture of eliminating the adversary. The way out is with more and better democracy”.

For more than two hours, Rossi and Heller reflected and debated in an act of the La Corriente and PSOL groups, which took place this afternoon at the Banco de Santa Fe club in the city of Rosario, in which the head of bloc of National Deputies for the Frente de Todos, Germán Martínez, the councilor from Rosario, Norma López, the secretary of the FDT bloc in the municipal council, Luciano Arancho, the provincial secretary of the PSOL, Eloisa Ruiz Carriedo, and Agustín Ferrer, from the PSOL One-Eyed Deer, among others.

  Photo Sebastian Granata
/ Photo Sebastian Granata

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