Rosita Fornés: Some of her leading roles for Cuban cinema

MADRID, Spain.- This June 10 marks the third anniversary of the death of the great star of Cuba, Rosita Fornés. The artist, versatile in theater, film, television and musicals, died in Miami at the age of 97 after being hospitalized for a respiratory problem. Both in Cuba and in the United States, she had an emotional farewell.

On the occasion of this anniversary, today in CubaNet We remember some of his works for the big screen: It was exchangedto (1983), supporting roles (1989), love me and you will see (1995) and Cheek with cheek (2011).

It is exchanged

Although the Cuban star had developed a successful career in Mexican cinema, it was not until 1983 that she had her first great performance in Cuban cinema. The first time she appeared on the big screen on the Island was in It is exchanged, one of the most recognized films of the national filmography.

In this film, directed by Juan Carlos Tabío, Rosita Fornés gave life to Gloria, a seamstress and town woman, focused on finding a house in a good neighborhood (a mansion in El Vedado) and the right husband for her daughter.

“I have filmed about fifteen films before, most of them in Mexico, and one that I did in Puerto Rico (…) The plots were sometimes soap opera, other times silly, and I don’t think I had the opportunity to do a great job in those films . That is, until It is exchanged, I had not been able to have full satisfaction from working in the cinema. This film has been my comeback in the cinema, after many years, and my debut at the ICAIC”, declared the actress on one occasion.

They completed the cast Mario BalmasedaRamoncito Veloz, Silvia Planas, Mirta Ibarra, Manuel Porto, Maritza Rodríguez, José Manuel Rodríguez and Rini Cruz.

supporting roles

According to critics, this was one of Fornés’ greatest performances in the cinema. In supporting roles Fornés develops in its natural environment, the world of entertainment, specifically the theater, since it gives life to Rosa Soto, star and director of the renowned Teatro Principal de La Habana; immersed in the staging of Requiem for Yarini. Orlando Rojas’ feature film, released in 1989, recreates the cultural life of the era marked by “parameterization”.

They also intervened in supporting roles Luisa Pérez Nieto, Ernesto Tapia, Francisco Gatorno, Maria Isabel Diaz Lago, Paul Ali.

love me and you will see

in the documentary love me and you will see Rosita Fornés shared the cast with Reynaldo Miravalles and Raúl Pomares. In this film noir comedy, the characters played by the three pretend to rob a bank in Havana, but the arrival of the Castro Revolution, which coincides with the date of the robbery, prevents them from carrying it out. Thirty-five years later the characters recall that event.

The film, by Daniel Díaz Torres and released in 1995, among others, received the Caracol Award for photography (ex-aequo) and the award for best short film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Cheek with cheek

Directed by Delso Aquino, in Cheek with cheek (2011) Rosita Fornés plays a star in the twilight of her career. Her character, written by playwright Nicolás Dorr specifically for Rosita, prepares for her last live performance.

In Cheek with cheek the vedette and her make-up artist strip emotionally and psychologically to show the insides and realities of show business. The co-star was Jorge Losada, remembered for his performances in the adventures The kites and the serial Day and nightamong many others.

Although it is not an autobiographical film, it was also the last film in which Fornés took part.

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