Rosario Murillo a Estados Unidos: «¡Déjennos en paz. Cada vez se han metido con nosotros, han tenido su repuesta»

Rosario Murillo threatens the United States: “Don’t mess with us, because they have always gone wrong!”

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, once again attacked the United States government and assured that every time the North American country “has tried to interfere” with the administration of Daniel Ortega, “they have had their answer”.

In his intervention by the official media, Murillo threatened the North American country that “no one gives up here, (…) here we are and we are made of so many truths that we can sing to their faces. Do not interfere, because they have always gone wrong!

«Leave us alone! that we are not attacking anyone, we are not exporting wars, we are not trying to create borders, we are not taking assets from any people”, Rosario Murillo told the United States, the country that heads the largest number of sanctions against the repressive circle of the regime from Nicaragua.

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The vice president of Nicaragua maintained that they have “defeated all the traps of the empire”, although these have been difficult, they have learned in each of those formidable battles. How much we have grown!

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He assured that the world “is besieged by the imperial powers”, due to a struggle “for power, domination, greed, greed and their selfishness” and pointed out that “those wars, those aggressions, those threats, those impositions of the that they think they are powerful that they do not know the essential wisdom that we are and where we are going, why dispossess? Why try to dispossess the peoples? When they are not going to take anything with them the day they have to make the trip to the other plane».

In addition, he argued that there are countries like Nicaragua that fight for the dignity, freedom and brotherhood of the peoples. “We are next to the people who fight for peace and we are walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder (…) with the peoples who defend peace.”

On the other hand, Rosario Murillo indicated that currently the United States “is beginning to suffer what they have painted in other countries as lack, carelessness, negligence, precariousness that they themselves sow. How the imperialist media used to laugh at the problems they have created, at those they create with their wars and their aggression in so many parts of the world, and now they are experiencing it themselves, that is incredible».

Rosario Murillo United States
Rosario Murillo threatens the United States: "Don't mess with us, because they have always gone wrong!"

“Incredible to see the empty shelves in the United States, and there are still those who believe that the United States is paradise; mirage, of mirage, the truths are coming to the surface, they say that he who laughs last laughs best, but one cannot laugh at the pain of the peoples, one has to be in solidarity with the peoples and denounce those who create problems the peoples,” he added.

Murillo’s attacks come amid the closure of the United States to invite Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas. The North American country does not want dictatorships to attend the event.

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