Rosario Murillo reveals the terror with which she lives: She says she sleeps "with her eyes open"

Rosario Murillo reveals the terror with which she lives: She says she sleeps “with her eyes open”

The vice-dictator and spokesperson of the Ortega regime, Rosario Murillo, did not waste the opportunity to attack the Nicaraguan opposition with her hate speeches and elaborate insults, during the sixth anniversary of the socio-political outbreak of April 2018. After calling them “sellers of homelands, traitors and puchitos,” the first lady publicly admitted that she had learned “to sleep with eyes open” for “protect” of critics of his government.

During the closing of his evening speech this Thursday, April 18, broadcast nationally in the official media, Murillo questioned “how many (Nicaraguans) benefited from death and how many were tortured and murdered.”

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The sanctioned vice president stated that “we will never, ever forget that and, of course, with both eyes open even to sleep, (one has to) learn to sleep with your eyes open, to protect our heroic heritage and our peace.

With an angrier tone than he usually uses in his public interventions, Murillo stated that the opponents were “darkness, evil, the fire of hell, storms of hatred, sowers of perfidy, death, pain and tares,” and he repeated that the hundreds of thousands who challenged her in the streets with a blue and white flag in their hands, were operating under the orders of “the American embassy, ​​sectors of the Catholic Church, cowardly businessmen and the Black Heralds.”

His hateful tirade against the Catholic Church

«Six years ago they began the siege with bells that did not ring of a party, but of death, murder, torture, barbarity and pain. Then they cried outor vampires for blood, with the viciousness of those who hide poison behind the manipulation of biblical messages and the stupidity of their own cowardice. “They intended to bribe and crush out of fear and erase the bravery and gallantry of the Nicaraguan people,” said Murillo, obviously furious.

The Sandinista spokesperson considered that the opponents aspired to “overwhelm and crush, but, of course, we taught them their lesson like Sandino (did) and they left. And the decrepit and diminished ‘puchos’ continue to leave,” says the vice-dictator, without daring to mention that to do so she has had to execute crimes, use all the institutions of the State and threaten even the families of the opponents whom she persecutes with notable cowardice.

Doctors explain that Rosario Murillo may suffer from
Doctors explain that Rosario Murillo may suffer from “fatigue, anxiety and a lot of stress.”

Similarly, Murillo pointed out that critics of his regime, the “barbaric torturers,” “filled social networks with false messages and fictitious scenarios of manipulation and rebellion. They were proud to torture and draw eyes liveof burning houses and removing women and children”, although he did not say that in reality it was his armed thugs who burned down houses like that of Karl Marx, where at least five people were murdered, including two underage children. two years old.

Ortega’s wife insisted that in April 2018 “the twisted, the evil, the disciples of Satan, the battered, the evil and the false took off the masks of good people and the hypocritical smiles with which they had tried to deceive everyone.” , but, as Sandino says, ‘over time you can’t fool anyone.'”

Murillo added that the opponents are those who belong to the “dungheap of memory” and “wherever they are, no one listens to them and they live begging. “They are nobody, they are insignificant, you have spiritual illnesses.”

«We do not sell out, nor do we give up. All our symbols cannot be falsified or manipulated by the fraudulent, the fakes and the fictitious who wanted to, but could not and will not be able to, because here no one gives up and we have demonstrated it and we continue to demonstrate it,” said the first lady, who She was accused by the United States of committing crimes against humanity.

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Murillo “sick” and “temperamental”

The workers at Murillo’s home office, located in El Carmen, Managua, have suffered for months due to the “ups and downs” of the vice-dictator’s temperament. Sandinista officials assume that these “unstable” attitudes are caused by the government spokesperson’s medicated state.

A source reported that Murillo has been prescribed medication to maintain his emotional and physical stability, but there is no improvement “because he refuses to rest more and delegate responsibilities.” «The problem is that she doesn’t trust anyone, not even her children.», says the informant.

Another person close to a state work group, led by the brothers Edmundo, Camila and Luciana Ortega Murillo, commented that officials have “gray days” when “their companion is upset,” handing out “strong scoldings” that not even their own children run away.

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Those who know Murillo affirm that she is the one who directs the government on a day-to-day basis and that Ortega is the one who makes “the major decisions.” She is a woman who likes her «be in everything” and he is the one who authorizes “even the brooms that are purchased for the State.”

«She is under fatigue and a lot of stress. “Everyone in the office understands that the colleague is suffering some wear and tear, although here (in El Carmen) it is forbidden to talk about the subject,” said another Sandinista source, who for fear of repression asked to keep her identity under strict anonymity.

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