Rosario Murillo attacks opponents: "They are human beings full of misery"

Rosario Murillo attacks opponents: “They are human beings full of misery”

The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, through her telephone communication with official media; she lashed out at opponents calling them “human beings full of misery.” She, in turn, blamed the demonstrators of the 2018 civic protests for the deaths of their militants.

«God allows us to move forward, transcend all misery, because unfortunately there are times when human beings are filled with all misery, with hatred. But, our people and all of us, we receive grace from God and transcend that pettiness, that misery and those hatreds, which can destroy if one lets oneself, but here we do not let ourselves because we are God’s people,” said the government spokeswoman.

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Murillo said that Roberto and Cristofer Castillo, father and son, “were assassinated by the coup terrorism in the death barricades. That holy blood nourishes us and fills us with more and more strength and courage to fight battles, continue fighting battles and continue achieving victories.

Police respond with bullets to protesters in 2018. Photo: Univisión

“Our treasure is peace, our treasure is love, our treasure is the ability from our spirit to win because we won and we will win,” said Murillo, who has been accused by human rights organizations and the international community of committing crimes against humanity in the country.

Recently, the deputy president also unloaded against opponents by recalling the death of Bismarck Martínez, “they are the evil ones, those who wanted to sow, leave hatred, sow it as a seed so that it would flourish, those we repudiate, those we reject, those we repel,” Murillo said.

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Since 2018, Nicaragua has suffered a social and political crisis. Currently, the regime has increased its repression, imprisoning more than 190 political prisoners and sending thousands of opponents and journalists into exile.

After four years, the relatives of those murdered in the social protests continue without receiving justice, rather they are subjected to siege, harassment and threatened with imprisonment.

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