Rosario Murillo announces the opening of new embassies in communist Korea and Ethiopia

The deputy dictator of Nicaragua and government spokesperson, Rosario Murillo, announced this Thursday that they are proceeding to create Nicaraguan embassies in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and in Ethiopia, in Africa, and in reciprocity, those countries will also open their respective diplomatic headquarters in the Nicaraguan capital. The announcement comes amid the increasingly pronounced international isolation of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

In her daily monologue, through her propaganda media, the spokeswoman for the dictatorship said that they received a “beautiful message” from Kim Jong-un, the North Korean tyrant whom she called her “brother.” Murillo affirmed that they held meetings with an envoy from Jong-un and agreed to create an embassy in Pyongyang, for which they are already requesting approval.

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“We assume the commitment to open embassies, we are even already delivering the request for placet for a person who will be resident ambassador in Pyongyang and they (Koreans), in reciprocity, will also send their embassy here. We are going to work together, from those political, social, cultural, diplomatic representations, to strengthen our relations,” Murillo dictated.

They will seek support in African countries

Similarly, the deputy dictator announced that they are in a process of strengthening their relations with the countries of the African continent and in this sense, she has asked the Government of Ethiopia to agree to appoint an ambassador to that country, a position for which they have appointed Mauricio Lautaro Sandino Montes, who will settle in that African country as soon as acceptance is granted by that Government.

Murillo revealed that the intention to establish an embassy in Ethiopia is because the headquarters of the African Union are there, so they are looking for Lautaro Sandino to become concurrent ambassador for several countries that belong to the African Union and thus strengthen their relations with Africa.

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Murillo announces new embassies at a time when the regime headed by her and her husband, Daniel Ortega, is undergoing an increasingly pronounced process of international isolation, as evidenced at the recent Summit of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), in which the representation of the dictatorship refused to support a resolution condemning Russia for its military aggression against Ukraine. Nicaragua was the only country that supported Vladimir Putin’s war. Not even its political allies in the region, Cuba and Venezuela, supported Russia.

The opposition leader and former politician Juan Sebastian Chamorroin his Twitter account, warns that the dictatorship is increasingly alone, so alone that it has been forced to seek relations with countries in such “recondite confines” of the world, to feel support, even if it is from small countries.

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