Rosa Chupany and José Laluz confronted on social networks

Rosa Chupany and José Laluz confronted on social networks

The former director of the National Health Service (SNS), Chanel Rosa Chupany and the former deputy Jose Laluz Núñez, both peledeistas, faced each other this Friday through digital platforms, after the controversial communicator revealed that he had proposed to the then official digitize the health system and that he allegedly did not understand what was stated.

As explained by The lightin its “Responsible Leadership” program, the idea of ​​this project was that the State could have all patient data online, that appointments could be made over the Internet and promote preventive health, among other benefits.

“I wasted my time with him, he didn’t understand a shit what I told him; I went to his office, in front of where the American Embassy was and I told him: Look, I come from Montalvo (former Minister of the Presidency), this is the digital health project (…) it made me waste my time”, he told the assure that you dedicated many hours to that project.

The answer of pink chupany He did not wait and through Twitter he opened a thread with an effusive response in which he first acknowledged that The light He presented the project to him, but explained to the communicator that Public Health had designed a system for these purposes and that it was already in operation.

Similarly, he informed him that there was a resolution, which could not be violated, which, as the governing body of the Health System, made the use of this technology tool mandatory, which he shared in the third of eight tweets.

“I remember asking him if that donation implied that he would give me the” source programs, he told me no, that it did not include that, “wrote the pink chupany.

He pointed out that those who know the subject know what that implies and that, in any case, he told him that he should consult with Public Health, which as the governing body was the entity responsible for that program.

“Mr The light He says I didn’t understand shit about what he explained. Excuse me, sir, if I get infected by his ego, but when I talk about the Health Information System (which is much more than a tool), you have to pick up a pencil, listen, ask questions and write. And I do regret that I have to write this, ”he maintained.

He added: “I am surprised that you do not remember me, when just the other day and regarding the election to the Political Committee, you praised me, but the memory of ingratitude continues to fail you, I remind you that I am Chanel, Chanel, the of SeNaSa”.

Finally, he clarified that he has “the strange virtue” of debating without going personal, “I debate and write, thinking that others have children, families, friends, who are going to read my points of view and therefore, I try to not to insult, because besides, I come from a field in Villa Riva where we do not know the mai del play”

In addition, pink chupany He stated that intellectual superiority is not good, (no superior), but above all, that which is based on Google, with little academic foundation, with proposals that do not take into account the local reality.

He recalled that humility never fails and always pays off.

regretted that The light has put his proposal to the SNS, to justify decisions that are often based on ingratitude, “but in these times of lost values ​​and inverted speeches, we believe that everything is worth, even that: ingratitude”.

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