Ronaldo's Cruzeiro celebrates title ahead of time

Ronaldo’s Cruzeiro celebrates title ahead of time

The Cruzeiroone of the most traditional clubs in Brazil and controlled by former soccer player Ronando Nazario, celebrated this Saturday the conquest of the title of the second division of the Brazilian Championship six days in advance.

The Belo Horizonte club, twice champion of the Copa Libertadores and three times of the second division Brazilian Championship, mathematically guaranteed the title thanks to the defeats suffered on Friday night by Gremio and Bahía, the only ones who could unseat him.

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The title with six days of anticipation, a record in the second division, was commemorated a week after the blue club will guarantee his return to the first division of Brazil after spending three years in the silver category.

“Champions with six days in advance. Another record for this wonderful cast,” said Ronaldo’s team in a message published this Saturday on their social networks.

Cruzeiro players celebrate the ascent.

Yuri Edmundo / EFE

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) itself congratulated the club and its owner for the title, but made it clear that they would only be awarded the trophy on the last day, as is tradition.

“I congratulate the Cruzeiro fans for winning Serie B early. I also congratulate Ronaldo and his team, who showed talent by restructuring one of the most traditional clubs in Brazil,” said CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues. , also in a message published on their social networks.

With six games to go until the end of the tournament, Cruzeiro has 71 points, the product of 21 wins, 8 draws and only 3 losses, and is the club with the highest number of goals scored, with the fewest goals conceded and the best goal playing at home as a visitor.


Ronaldo celebrates a goal at the Mineirao stadium.

Yuri Edmundo / EFE

Gremio, another of the greats in Brazil, is their escort in the classification in the second division, but at a distance of 18 points, now insurmountable, since they can also reach 71 points but never reach their 21 victories.

The club that had won the second division title the furthest in advance so far was the Corinthians, who did so in 2008 with five games to go.

The Belo Horizonte team can still become the club with the most points conquered in a Brazilian second division championship if they add another 15 and surpass the 85 integers with which Corinthians lifted the title in 2008.

Ronaldo, former player of the Brazilian team and also owner of the Spanish Valladolid, announced in December 2021 the purchase of Cruzeiro, the team in which he became known in his youth, with the aim of correcting the accounts and returning it to its place in the elite.

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